Learn How You Can Bundle a Set of High-Level Cloud Solutions into a "Security-as-a-Service": Earn Even More Revenue while Helping Your Clients Improve Their Security
Free Webinar: Wednesday, 03/29 @ 10am PT

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George Anderson
Director, Product Marketing
Joseph Macedo
VP of Partner Relations
Compliancy Group
Gil Hazaz
Head of Sales
Clinton Gatewood
VP Reseller Development


Hacking, ransomware, identity theft and phishing, you name it, are all a real pain in the…mmm… rear. Not to mention the real cost in capital theft, lost productivity, sullied reputations. In some cases, an infected business could close for good.
Cyber theft is a rapidly growing epidemic that is hightly profitable for the hacker. Unfortunately, no single software or hardware solution provides 100% security for any business.
Join SaaSMAX and three of our world-class cybersecurity SaaS application vendors and start learning how you can bundle a set of high-level cloud solutions into a “Security-as-a-Service” solution for your clients.
This is NOT another long-winded, boring demo. You will learn why you will want to work with SaaSMAX and our participating vendors. Each vendor will discuss their best target markets, how you can make money, and why they are the best channel-friendly cybersecurity partner for your business!
Don’t let your clients (or their customers) be the next victim. Join us on March 29th at 1:00 pm ET / 10 am PT for the SaaSMAX Cybersecurity Webinar.

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